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Brooklyn Leaders Demand Restoration of F Express Service;
New Campaign Supports MTA Proposal




Noting that Southern Brooklyn residents face some of the longest commuting times in the nation, elected officials and community leaders in Coney Island joined together to support an MTA proposal to restore express service on the F train in their community.

To demonstrate public support for the MTA’s proposal, the Alliance for Coney Island has launched FasterCommute.NYC, a campaign to engage stakeholders such as community leaders and local residents.

Councilman Mark Treyger (D-Brooklyn) said, “Residents in Southern Brooklyn will enjoy a better quality of life with restored F express train service. I callon the MTA to give my constituents access to a faster commute with less frequent delays.”

Councilman David Greenfield (D-Brooklyn) said, “It’s time for the MTA to restore F express service in Brooklyn. Bringing back the F Express will significantly shorten commutes and cut travel time for people currently living in transit deserts. We were promised the F express after studies, repairs and improvements on other lines. Now it’s time for the MTA to keep its promise to us. Our communities deserve fast and reliable transportation too.”

Councilman Chaim Deutsch (D-Brooklyn) said, “Not only will the F express greatly improve service for commuters on that train, it will relieve crowding on the neighboring B and Q lines that are used daily by thousands of my constituents. Restored F Express service is a win-win for Brooklyn residents.”

Senator Diane Savino (D-Brooklyn/Staten Island) said, “With F express trains running again, thousands of South Brooklyn families and businesses will have better access to the rest of the city. I urge the MTA to restore express service and allow our communities to grow and thrive.”

Assemblymember Pamela Harris (D-Brooklyn) said, “My constituents face some of the longest commutes in the entire city, and they deserve better transportation options. By restoring F Express service, the MTA will be taking an important first step to addressing this inequity.”

The elected officials noted that express service operated in Brooklyn on the F train until 1987, when it was “temporarily” suspended for construction. In May 2016, the MTA issued a feasibility study that recommended restoring F Express service in Brooklyn in Fall of 2017.

However, because the proposal has yet to be presented to the MTA Board for final approval, the elected officials urged community residents to visit FasterCommute.NYC. At the site, residents can show their support for restored F Express service by joining the campaign launched by the Alliance for Coney Island.

Alexandra Silversmith, Executive Director, Alliance for Coney Island, said “The Alliance for Coney Island strongly supports better transportation options for Brooklyn commuters, and the MTA’s proposal makes clear that restored F Express service will significantly improve the commute for thousands of residents. We urge the MTA to implement F Express service as soon as possible.”

The FasterCommute.NYC campaign engages community stakeholders and local residents to support the MTA’s proposal to restore F Express service to Southern Brooklyn. The FasterCommute.NYC has attracted the support of community and business leaders in the Coney Island community:

Eddie Mark, District Manager for Community Board 13, said “With significant time savings for thousands of commuters, it’s not surprising that the MTA proposed restoring F express service in Brooklyn. We strongly endorse this proposal, and urge the MTA to implement it at the earliest feasible juncture.”

Andrew Hoan, Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce President & CEO, said “We’d certainly be on board for an F Express that would shave commute time for South Brooklyn commuters. With tourism booming in Coney Island and more businesses popping up in the surrounding areas – there is a real need for easy, accessible transportation.”

Ruth Morales, Director of BCS Coney Island, said “Our organization knows firsthand how taxing daily long commutes are on our community’s workers and their families. Reinstalling the F-Express service would significantly increase people’s access to employment opportunity, higher education, and routine health care. It would enhance our quality of life, including those seeking to maintain freedom of mobility as they age.”

Rev. Vincent Fusco, Executive Director, Coney Island Lighthouse Mission, said “The community of Coney Island is in distress because of the lack of express train service – causing residents to have some of the longest commute times in New York. Implementing the F express line would be greatly beneficial to the families of South Brooklyn.”

Restored express service will result in a significantly faster overall commute for residents, with over 166,000 hours saved annually, and it will help Brooklyn-based businesses better attract tourists and customers. Workers in south Brooklyn who currently take over forty-five minutes to reach midtown Manhattan will see significant reductions in their commutes. The MTA estimates that many commuters who currently avoid the F train because of slow service, despite it being the closest local option, will opt to use the line once express service is restored.

The proposal also benefits commuters who live along local stations, who will experience trains with far less crowding at peak hours. Local trains that previously reached over 60% of the MTA’s maximum crowding guidelines at the Carroll St station, for instance, will now carry fewer than 50% of the guideline’s recommended maximum passenger load. That means more seating for pregnant, elderly and disabled persons, and a more pleasant commute for all.

The Alliance for Coney Island is a sustainable civic body formed in 2012 and dedicated to continuing the transformation of Coney Island into a year-round, world-class recreational destination by the sea.