With F express trains running again, thousands of South Brooklyn families and businesses will have better access to the rest of the city. I urge the MTA to restore express service and allow our communities to grow and thrive.Senator Diane Savino, 23rd District
Residents in Southern Brooklyn will enjoy a better quality of life with restored F express train service. I call on the MTA to give my constituents access to a faster commute with less frequent delays.Councilman Mark Treyger, 47th District
It’s time for the MTA to restore F express service in Brooklyn. Bringing back the F Express will significantly shorten commutes and cut travel time for people currently living in transit deserts. We were promised the F express after studies, repairs and improvements on other lines. Now it’s time for the MTA to keep its promise to us. Our communities deserve fast and reliable transportation too.Councilman David Greenfield, 44th District
Not only will the F express greatly improve service for commuters on that train, it will relieve crowding on the neighboring B and Q lines that are used daily by thousands of my constituents. Restored F Express service is a win-win for Brooklyn residents.Councilman Chaim Deutsch, 48th District
The Alliance for Coney Island strongly supports better transportation options for Brooklyn commuters, and the MTA’s proposal makes clear that restored F Express service will significantly improve the commute for thousands of residents. We urge the MTA to implement F Express service as soon as possible.Alexandra Silversmith, Executive Director, Alliance for Coney Island
Our organization knows firsthand how taxing daily long commutes are on our community’s workers and their families. Reinstalling the F-Express service would significantly increase people’s access to employment opportunity, higher education, and routine health care. It would enhance our quality of life, including those seeking to maintain freedom of mobility as they age.Ruth Morales, Director of BCS Coney Island
The community of Coney Island is in distress because of the lack of express train service – causing residents to have some of the longest commute times in New York. Implementing the F express line would be greatly beneficial to the families of South Brooklyn.Rev. Vincent Fusco, Executive Director, Coney Island Lighthouse Mission
I remember when we had express service and it never should have stopped. For the people of South Brooklyn, and Midwood in particular, having F train express service would be a tremendous improvement. We need to have express train service that’s reliable, constantly maintained, and available for use today.Sandra Aboulafia, President of Midwood Civic Action Council, Chair of the Transportation Committee for Community Board 12
CAMBA is committed to helping New Yorkers enhance their quality of life. Helping individuals and families reach economic stability is a large part of the work we do. CAMBA supports the restoration of express service along the F subway route in Brooklyn. Hard working New Yorkers deserve adequate transportation options.Joanne M. Oplustil, President and CEO of CAMBA, Inc and CAMBA Housing Ventures
With significant time savings for thousands of commuters, it’s not surprising that the MTA proposed restoring F express service in Brooklyn. We strongly endorse this proposal, and urge the MTA to implement it at the earliest feasible juncture. Eddie Mark, District Manager for Community Board 13
We’d certainly be on board for an F Express that would shave commute time for South Brooklyn commuters. With tourism booming in Coney Island and more businesses popping up in the surrounding areas – there is a real need for easy, accessible transportation. Andrew Hoan, Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce President & CEO
We support restoring F train express service because when your train station is the last stop on the line, it’s difficult to get into the city quickly. F train express service will greatly improve our ability to travel quickly throughout New York, and will help provide the residents of South Brooklyn with an easier, stress-free commuting experience.Shirley Juste, Site Director at Urban Neighborhood Services
Coney Island families deserve a faster travel alternative. Our community experiences some of the longest commute times in the city. Helping our residents connect faster to inner boroughs will significantly benefit Coney Island Families and Fans. Dick D. Zigun, Founder, Coney Island USA and Mermaid Parade
“As southern Brooklyn develops, it is critical that residents have access to fast and reliable transportation. Restoring F Express service will ensure that communities like Coney Island can continue to grow and attract visitors.”Carlo A. Scissura, Esq., President and CEO, New York Building Congress
“The F Train Express would significantly advance economic development in South Brooklyn, shortening the ride for commuters to Manhattan and enabling more visitors and city residents to come to Coney Island. The Coney Island beaches and amusements are among the city’s most powerful, under-utilized assets, and increased subway access would benefit the city overall.”Angie Morris, Brand Manager, Luna Park
“The F Express will help lighten the load for people coming home from work – people who have had a long day and just want to get home, see their families, and relax before starting again the next day. No matter where you’re coming from, the F train seems to take forever, and the residents of South Brooklyn deserve a quicker and easier ride. That’s why I support the F Express.”Bro. Derick Latif Scott, Program Director, Operation H.O.O.D
“Reaching Out Ministries is devoted to helping families throughout Brooklyn lead happy and fulfilling lives. Our organization sees how our community deals with slow and unreliable train service every day. We know that reinstating the F express service can empower our community, and help bring growth and development to South Brooklyn.”Pastor Maggie Lebron of Reaching Out Ministries
“The Kings Highway Beautification Association is proud to support the long awaited restoration of the F train express. An easier, faster and more equitable commute will help ensure our South Brooklyn neighborhood does not get left behind, while positively impacting thousands of residents, businesses and visitors.”David J. Hidary, Co-President, Kings Highway Beautification Association
In today’s fast paced world, time is the greatest commodity we have. Every moment is infused with opportunity to create, to innovate, to problem solve, to empower, to heal, to save. Restoring this line as a express line isn’t simply a need, it’s a must. Think of all the additional impact commuters can have in their respective ways by being given the invaluable gift of time. Getting to work is one thing, getting home from work is even of greater value – as it’s the moments we have to spend time with family and loved ones that leads to life of happiness. If restoring the F line as an express line can create more of those moments for Brooklyn based families – how can we possibly ignore that. Remember, every small positive action leads to an infinitely positive future for us all.Orly Wahba, CEO of Life Vest Inside and Kindness USA
Our seniors come from throughout South Brooklyn including seniors living in Coney Island. The trains are important in helping to connect them to where they need to go. It’d be a great idea for the MTA to restore the F express line in the community. It’ll make travel more convenient for commuters to get around.Karen Zhou, Executive Director, Homecrest Community Services
The Sephardic Community Federation strongly urges the MTA to restore F train express service. The F train is used by many members of our community in Southern Brooklyn on a daily basis. Restoring the express service would drastically improve their daily commute and make a real impact on the amount of time they spend traveling each day.Sam Sutton, President, Sephardic Community Federation